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Expertise & Experience

Having resources such as 3D printing and rendering abilities, full metal and wood shops, carbon fiber and electronics manufacturing technologies, Visual Comet is equipped to produce any and all facets for corporate events. Under one roof our company is able to offer many elements rather than outsourcing to various vendors.

Our ability to create 3D renderings of event spaces in a detailed fashion insures proper conception and execution of production. Having a state of the art A/V department also adds another layer of depth to the services we offer.

With over twenty years in the event industry our cadre is comprised of talent from various fields such as electronics, engineering, art history, music, computer graphics – just to name a few. From creative scenic design to furniture to web casting, Visual Comet can meet any and all requirements for the contemporary corporate event.

Where We Can Help

  • Corporate Conferences/Conventions
  • Training & Development Seminars
  • Panel Discussions
  • Press Announcements
  • Networking Events
  • Themed Galas
  • Award Ceremonies
  • VIP & Red Carpet Events
  • Political & Charity Events
  • Fundraisers
  • Openings & Ground Breakings

Product Launches

Visual Comet’s technological production capability combined with its creative visionaries makes us an ideal choice to help launch any product. Being a true “in-house” production company we’re able to present fresh and imaginative concepts as we live on the forefront of technology. Being able to think of an idea is novel but the ability to fabricate that idea to its completion is the very essence of Visual Comet, which is why we have great success when it comes to conceptual implementation. Let us be part of your team to take your products to the next level.

Advertising Campaign

With a full print facility, LED Screens, projection, and our video mapping abilities, Visual Comet is one of the few companies that can create multimedia content then implement its display with elegance and cutting edge technology. By working with a steadfast commitment to our clients, our detailed attention always yields creative concepts that when green lighted transform to eye catching installations. Be it print, video, CGI, audio, or all of the above – Visual Comet is ready to perform.

Pop-up Stores

When launching products, showcasing companies, or any outdoor event- Visual Comet can provide many elements to shine a spotlight on your ideas. With state of the art lighting and sound coupled with our design capability, we have the power to create sleek outdoor structures to accommodate your needs. Instead of a traditional outdoor trade show display, step it up and utilize Visual Comet’s tech and creative edge to define your next outdoor installation.


In house fabrication is one of the major assets that Visual Comet has to offer the world of Trade Shows. From acrylic scenic main stage convention sets, to panel discussion furniture, A/V, lighting and digital videography and photography, our company excels in bringing a fresh approach to this field. From company themed charging stations to custom podiums with Teleprompters, our company has been involved in major conferences both nationally and internationally. We’ve manufactured interactive trade booths that have integrated sound and lighting systems, LED technology, and print work. No arena is too large and no venue too small for Visual Comet to execute.


Let Visual Comet rock your next concert or festival. Weather on sea or on land Visual Comet has utilized its state of the art lighting and sound with major entertainers to literally “rock out”. Once again our capacity to produce in house allows us to create custom stage designs, lighting, sound, VIP green rooms, LED displays, pyrotechnics and many other facets to create over the top entertainment experiences. Visual Comet not only has the gear, but we have the most crucial element – highly skilled sound and lighting engineers and seasoned and vetted crew. We pride ourselves on our staff, as we understand especially in the concert area that reliable crew is what makes every concert a success. We provide a production management service that incorporates the major elements to make any concert successful.

Fashion Shows

From the avant-garde, iconoclastic, to the traditional, let Visual Comet create a visual narrative that can complement any theme. Our skilled artisans from the graphic world, video, art, and structural design work together to create with an inspirational energy that is synonymous with the force of fashion.



Some of our notable clients include Jacob & Co, New York Rangers, Prudential and many more.

New York Rangers
Madison Square Garden
Hornblower New York
Destination Hotels
Lenco Diagnostic Laboratory


Case studies

Jacob & Co, 2013-2015

A truly stunning faced, the Jacob & Co. building on 57th street between Park and Madison in Manhattan, NY is adorned with nine video mapped windows. These windows are mapped from the inside with an automated projection system that is recessed into the ceiling. At a set time the projectors roll out from the ceiling on a motorized shelf system that is in accordance to the aesthetics of the environment. From the outside all nine windows transform into giant image, a giant screen per say of dramatic and tantalizing video. The system and content can be managed through the internet by our designers and engineers.

Jacob & Co. has also utilizes Visual Comet services at the annual World Watch Show in Basel, Switzerland. Here we create a 360 degree video image at The Jacob & Co. trade booth. This content is elegantly projected on the ceiling sides. Jacob & Co. has given Visual Comet the opportunity to once again demonstrate its tremendous video mapping abilities. From storefronts, building facades, to any surface, Visual Comet technology provides a powerful and creative tool to our clients as our multifaceted company can help make any idea come to life.

New York Rangers, 2014

Visual Comet was instrumental in transforming the first NY Ranger Hockey House into a sparkling example of creativity and interaction. By providing giant interactive air hockey tables, video game lounges fully furnished, and a160 ft. wall of video mapped projection, Visual Comet helped create not a trade show but an experience and an environment.

The giant video mapped wall masterfully crafted and recessed along the existing wall to display custom content of NY Ranger history all the way to their last run for the Stanley Cup. Our gaming installations provided amazing entertainment as 8,000 people per day came thru the house. Once again Visual Comet was able to produce stunning visuals and incorporate other elements to help produce an engaging experience with the latest technology and creativity.